What are the awesome reasons for vaping?

What are the awesome reasons for vaping?

Given the many benefits of vaping, it is almost surprising that so many still smoke! Here is a collection of good reasons why it pays to change or give the electric cigarette a chance. You are welcome to add more of your ideas by commenting below. Otherwise, here are some awesome reasons why vaping is a great idea.

It is cleaner

The e-cigarette is a much less polluting and thus less harmful alternative to the cigarette. The latter produces up to several thousand partly carcinogenic substances during combustion. The e-cigarette does not burn. Unlike smoking, carcinogenic hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and other hazardous combustion products are avoided.

It can be cheaper

Vape juice can be dramatically cheaper than cigarettes and traditional tobacco products.  Large 120ml vape juice bottles can be had for the price of a pack of smokes in many states, but you need to know where to look in order to avoid sacrificing quality.  We’ve found the cheapest wholesale e juice and best vape juice at http://eliquid-depot.com.  ELiquid Depot also has pod juice available with nicotine salts for use in pod devices, as well as a range of CBD vape juice.  With the right online ejuice vendor, hardware maintenance becomes your highest cost.

It is better for your health.

The absence of tar, carbon monoxide, cadmium, benzene and other pollutants in the vape juice brings significant noticeable health improvements compared to a smoker’s life. Countless newcomers report the disappearance of the smoker’s cough, better breathing, and higher fitness. The likelihood of lung disease decreases.

It tastes much better.

The sense of taste improves, which is quite “taken away” by the tobacco cigarettes.



No residue

Say bye-bye to yellowed walls, tar paint on book spines, tar deposits in the PC and other devices! Renovating is much more sustainable thanks to vaping.


Your teeth will also no longer turn yellow, but stay white! Since a professional cleaning of the teeth is worthwhile after smoking cigarettes so often.

More convenient

Vaping is allowed in many places where smoking is prohibited. Often you do not have to go with friends and acquaintances to smoke on the balcony but may vape in the room. The vape is if it is even noticed, often perceived as fragrant.

It is much safer

Falling asleep with the e-cigarette is not dangerous, whereas many smokers have lit their bed. Even burn holes from falling embers on carpets and clothes are no longer an issue.


Addictive nicotine pressure will be much lower on vaping alone. If you increase the nicotine content according to the previous tobacco consumption, you can switch to weaker liquids soon.

No withdrawal symptoms

This is also possible if you want to. Some e-juices have got ingredients and liquids with zero nicotine content and many who continue to reduce it.

It can be easier to clean.

No full ashtrays anymore, even the almost unrecyclable filters are no longer released into the environment.

Variety of products

There are significantly more different e-Liquids than tobacco variants. In addition to tobacco liquids, fruit flavors and many other well-known flavors can include a lot of things such as coke, coffee, mulled wine, energy drink, honey, etc.

Great new hobby to try out

Both the vaping hardware and mixing Liquids yourself can be a great new hobby, where you can be creative with the many flavors available.

No more smoke smell

And bye-bye smoke smelly clothes! You do not have to wash so often and do not annoy non-smokers with a good nose! Vaping does not produce any smelly residue on your breath or clothes. And you do not even need to worry about a bad smell because e-juice can produce good scents.

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